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Elbi has teamed with our friends at Off-White™️ and RIMOWA to give away their most hyped item to date! This limited edition transparent suitcase, described as a “brazen, yet a playful response to today’s obsessive talk of privacy culture of surveillance and anonymity”, certainly fits the bill if you are one to want to make a statement.
RIMOWA X OFF-WHITE — “personal belongings” by Frank Lebon
Virgil Abloh—founder of fashion brand Off-White, artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear, and serial collaborator—is one of the biggest names in streetwear, which thrives on limited-edition releases and the hype that goes with them.
“It’s like 3.0 of personalization. It’s not just putting your initials on it, but allowing another layer to come in play. There’s an emotional component to owning (the suitcase) and you become a performance art piece just by using the thing. It’s like putting your items on display and rethinking the premise of a product.”
— Virgil Abloh
So if you’ve got swag and fancy rockin’ this though an airport terminal, with all eyes on you, it’s time to dig deep, donate and let’s make some money for causes that matter.
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